Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to: Save Money on HAND SOAP! (No coupons required)

We use it multiple times a day and it's always a necessity to have near a sink.  Other than couponing there are other ways to save money on hand soap. My simple tips can help you save money on hand soap in general. What's the secret? Simple, it's the foam nozzle! With the use of the foam nozzle on the hand soap it actually uses less product saving your hand soap. And here's the solution, you don't have to keep buying that expensive foaming hand soap, just the regular.


  • Invest in a foaming nozzle container. You can buy one from Bath and Body Works, Target, Walmart, etc. I got mine from a scrap yard for only about 20 cents. You should be able to reuse this bottle. If it has a label, you can remove it with nail polish remover.
  • Refill with soap once finished. Once you finished your foaming soap if you purchased one with it just buy regular hand soap. I usually go to Target or Walmart to buy the bulk hand soap in the large container for about $5 which is the same price as a regular foam hand soap from those places. Crazy right? (Of course you can also buy a bulk foaming hand soap refill if you'd like).
    • Buying in bulk helps you save. For example at Target the regular soap is only 7.5 oz while the bulk refill is for 64 oz which is about 8 times larger. Instead of buying 8 bottles which run you for about $12, you can buy that one refill bottle from anywhere to $5-7 depending on the store (and if you have a coupon).
  • Will regular hand soap work with the foaming nozzle? The answer is, it will with a simple technique. Foaming soap is usually far less viscous than regular hand soap so it won't be able to be pulled up with the foaming nozzle. When adding regular hand soap in the foaming container, add water! Don't add too much, but just enough to get a thinner consistency enough for the soap to turn into foam through the nozzle.
And there you go, with this method you'll see yourself using less of the bulk soap leaving more money in your pocket throughout the year instead of buying a new soap every couple of weeks. And as for scents go, don't be too picky. Soap is soap and it's main purpose is to clean your hands.

Hope you enjoy and keep saving!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Clearance.

I went to Target and looked through the clearance aisle. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular and of course I stubbled upon good deals.

Taupe Shorts



(My boyfriend said it looked like an apron. It wasn't until I took this photo and thought so as well. But I promise it's cute on!)



Shorts        $19.99
Dress         $27.99
Total Cost: $47.98

Sale Prices:
Shorts        $5.98
Dress         $8.38
Total Cost: $14.36
MONEY SAVED $33.62!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Influenster Taste Testing: Kefir.

I just got my Kefir today at my local Safeway. I was really curious when I saw this in stores a few weeks ago and was excited to hear that I was chosen for the program to try this product.

I got my self the blueberry flavor because the other ones were out of stock!

"99% lactose free, naturally gluten free, good source of calcium, live & active probiotic cultures."
First Impressions: Honestly, I forgot to use my coupon when purchasing this and was worried that I might not like it. I was wrong of course. Once I got home, popped open the bottle after shaking it and pouring it into a glass for the picture above I took a sip. It smelled just like regular yogurt. The taste and texture reminded me a lot of my childhood when I used to have Yoplait's Go-gurt all the time. It had a nice, creamy texture to it and I absolutely love it. I will be using my coupon to get another one. Hopefully they'll restock on the strawberry flavor so that I can try it. *I will admit I cheated a little bit and put whipped cream on top for a nice smoothie effect. =)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beauty on a Budget.

I made another return to Grocery Outlet to pick up these specialty items before they disappear. I did notice that the Vitamin E seems to be at a lot of the stores that I've visited. But the Mederma was a great deal that I couldn't pass up.

Beauty Drops 2,800 I.U. Vitamin E Moisturizer (4 oz)
"Nourishing Vitamin E works in the skin's outer layers to protect the body's own natural Collagen and Elastin. Once absorbed, it will continue working to help prevent wrinkles, help to smooth and provide long lasting moisturizing power."
First Impressions: I wanted to get this product because I heard that Vitamin E is good for stretch marks which I'm currently facing right now with weight change. It is a thick moisturizer with a very light and hardly noticeable scent.

Retail Price: $3.99
Sale Price:   $2.49

Mederma Scar Gel (0.70 oz)
"Mederma Scar Gel is patented formula specially formulated with Capalin botanical extract to soften, smooth and reduce the appearance of scars."
First Impressions: The actual product is smaller than I thought it would be. It is a clear gel that dries onto the skin very quickly. It has a small citrus/floral scent in which I'm not too crazy about. I got this product because a friend of mine used this to lighten her stretch marks.

Retail Price: $19.99
Sale Price:   $5.99

Pierre F Estheticians Forumla Super Rich Clay Mask (5.92 oz)
"In collaboration with California estheticians, we are proud to introduce our formulation of skin care treatments. The combination of science and natural antioxidants is the foundation of our products. We have integrated vitamins, super fruits and minerals guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling revitalized, restored and renewed.

Our combination of skin healing Vitamin K and the antioxidant qualities of nutrient intense Mangosteen super fruit blended with rich clay draws out excess oil and impurities while decongesting pores, to leave your skin feeling soothed, soft, refreshed and purified."
First Impressions: I wanted to try a mask and this was the only one available at this particular store. It has a lotion like texture and smells fruity which I like. The first time I tried it, it dries very fast and was easy to rinse off my skin.

Retail Price: $17.99
Sale Price:   $3.99

Vitamin E  $3.99
Mederma   $19.99
Clay Mask $17.99
Total Cost  $41.97

Sale Prices:
Vitamin E  $2.49
Mederma   $5.99
Clay Mask $3.99
Total Cost  $12.47
MONEY SAVED: $29.50!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bath and Body Works.

One of my favorite places to stock up on lotions, body sprays, and shower gels. And I mean seriously stock up! After being tight with money one thing I learned was that I still had an opportunity to buy my favorite stuff. There was no way that I would buy regular priced items after not having a job. So my plan was during Semi-Annual sales to buy lots! I got these items on Thursday and was SUPER happy that "Country Apple" was in the bins. It's my all time favorite scent!

It's true that they may not have your favorite scent in the sale but I tend to not be so picky. Instead I take my time and test out what they have on sale to see if I'd wear it or not.

I basically stock up on these items until the next sale to buy more. Honestly, these things last me a long time since I don't use it everyday.

If you don't have a chance to get them in store, the sale is going on online and even BETTER. Yes,  signature scents and more are on sale online!

I was able to get myself:
2 Country Apple Lotions
1 Country Apple Shower Gel
1 Bali Mango Lotion
1 Daisy Dreamgirl Lotion Cream

Here's the Breakdown:
3 Lotions        - $33.00 (3 x $11.00)
Shower Gel    - $11.00
Lotion Cream - $12.50
Total Cost:        $56.50

Sale Prices:
2 Lotions        - $6.00 (2 x $3.00)
1 Bali Lotion  - $3.85 (65% Off)
Shower Gel    - $3.00
Lotion Cream - $4.37 (65% Off)
Total Cost:        $17.22 (tax not included)
MONEY SAVED: $39.28!!!!

So here's my tip on Bath and Body Works, buy during semi annual sales. And if they don't carry your scent in stores, you can always shop online! Also, if you sign up for their mailing list they send out coupons for certain percentages off and free travel size of your choice.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Hidden Gem for Beauty.

Honestly I never thought that Grocery Outlet, yes that's right,  has so much good stuff. Now don't get me wrong, it is discounted prices and who doesn't love sales?

Don't underestimate this place! I love it for groceries but I love looking through the beauty section. Now remember that everything at Grocery Outlet circulates so most likely the next time you come back an item may not be there anymore. So what does that mean? Stock up!

Every Grocery Outlet has different items so no two are alike. The excitement of what items they have are just like thrifting to me. You'll never know what you'll end up finding. Here are somethings that I picked up recently:

Epielle Facial Essence Masks
First Impressions: Great bargain for different masks that fir your needs. I didn't catch the original pricing of the masks but I got them for a steal. I also got an additional "Green Tea & Aloe" mask.

Retail Price: $1.49 (after checking online)
Sale Price: $0.69

The Body Shop: Body Butter Duo in "Vanilla"
First Impressions: I always heard how popular body butter was but I never wanted to spend a lot of money on it. Grocery outlet actually had several scents like lavender but I wasn't able to test them out due to the fact that they were sealed. My first instinct was to go with Vanilla since I knew it was a scent that I couldn't go wrong with.

Retail Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $3.99

Select Lash
Finally they brought back the false lashes! I love these lashes because the bands are very comfortable and it doesn't have plastic strands.

Retail Price: $3.29
Sale Price: $0.99

Here's the breakdown:
5 Masks original price  -  $7.45
Body butter orig. price - $19.99
5 lashes original price  - $ 16.45
TOTAL COST:             $43.89

Sale Prices:
5 face masks - $3.45
body butter   - $3.99
5 lashes        - $4.95
Total              $12.39
MONEY SAVED: $31.50!!!!

Yes, that's right I spent less than buying the body butter for retail. Grocery Outlet has so much more great stuff and I'm definitely going to be returning every weekend to find more hidden treasures. Although I don't expect to find the same things it's a nice surprise to see somethings restocked, the lashes for example. It's one great way to shop on a budget and still make yourself feel beautiful for just less the cost.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Segment: Cheap Finds.

Hello readers! If any... lol

I decided to start a new segment on how my spending habits. Not the crazy shopaholic that I used to be, but how I manage my purchases and still splurge.

For a brief background, I'm a struggling college student. Not so dramatic right? I'm sure any college student will tell you that. I have the typical parents who want me to be in the medical field because it makes lots of $$$. I went to become a medical assistant after high school and worked my butt off in the medical field. I found out it wasn't the right career path for me. I made my parents happy but I wanted to be happy. I left my job after almost 4 years and began my life in community college. Now before the big move, I knew I had to save money. I couldn't have an opportunity to work part-time at my job so I decided to leave and go to school full-time. Yes, I still live with my parents and they do pay for my housing and some food. But this is how I managed to buy things for myself and pay for my phone bill.

I totally changed the way that I shop. I used to be a shopaholic! I swear, having my first job and a taste of that money made me shop crazy. I would blow paychecks like it was nothing! Looking at it now, I am disappointed in myself but I don't blame myself. Once I learned that I had to be tight with my money I found different ways where I can still splurge and get trendy things by shopping smart.

In this new series I'll share with you readers the tips and tricks that I have when it comes to shopping and the "I can splurge" once in a while. The new segment will be called "Cheap Finds". I have been finding things cheap like crazy! And I feel that sometimes it's always when you least expect it. I like to think of it as fate, lol.

I already have one post that I made on a bikini which you will be able to find along with other future post on this segment in the link bar.
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