Monday, November 14, 2011

Bobble Review.

I've been having my eye on the bobble for a couple of months before I actually purchased it because I wasn't sure if it was a good investment. There are a few pros and cons with it of course. Not everyone will love every single item on the market.

From where I live in the Bay Area, the tap water here is ...  clean! What? Tap water? Yes, it is super clean and I for one will say that I wouldn't want to drink from tap. But, don't they use tap when you eat at a restaurant? Someone please let me know!

Anyway, there has been debate over it not filtering fluoride on my youtube. Well, don't dentist give you fluoride when you're a kid after having cleaning? I'm assuming it can't be that bad right?

So of course, this product definitely depends on where you live and what type of water you want to consume. This works for me and that's it.

*P.S. For those who think my room is completely messy, well at least you don't have to be in it ;)

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