Monday, November 28, 2011

My Favorite Lip Balm.

I discovered this item a few years ago but never tried it up until recently. I went to the dollar store with my boyfriend looking at the beauty products that they had. I wanted to pick up a lip balm to carry in my purse because my Rosebud lip balm was always in my backpack for school which I forget to bring with me. So I resort to using my boyfriend's Chapstick which does nothing for my lips!

Anyway, I thought why not pick it up for only 50 cents. (It was an individual lip balm but the photo below was the only decent one that Google had.)

As I placed it onto my lips, shorty after I felt a tingling sensation. I'm assuming you can compare it to plumping lip balms only without the big lips. It has a very fresh minty feeling that I like. Not only that, but it makes my lips feel so soft and smooth. I swear, I have exfoliated less with this product. Usually my lips are really dry and dull that my skin peels leaving me to exfoliate all the time. Now I probably exfoliate maybe every 2 weeks.

This is something that I would definitely be repurchasing in the future. I only have the regular one & do plan on trying the others. I just love the tingling sensation on my lips that I even apply it on my boyfriend to enjoy the moment with me. Lame I know!

Product Breakdown:
Claims: "Our hydrating lip balm delivers soothing moisturization and contains botanicals of jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin with the added benefit of our unique crisp refreshing flavor that defines Aquafina premium lip care. Our unique moisture replenishing system combined with a botanically enriched formula of vitamin E, jojoba oil and almond oils, delivers maximum hydration and shine."

Packaging: Very plain and simple white packaging. Nothing fancy or cute.

Price: Really cheap.

Thoughts: As far as what the company claims about the product I believe it to be true. It is very hydrating and that's what makes me love it! It isn't thick which I like about the product. I have noticed that previous lip balms that I used were very heavy on my lips and this one is really light. I have no doubts about it and hope you try it out as well.

FTC: Not affiliated with this company. I purchased this product with my own money. Thoughts on this product are TRUE.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shoe Collection

This video was requested by xAriax4.

**Sorry if you can't really see the shoes. I noticed that they were cut off. I made the view of the shoes longer.

Items listed as mentioned in video:

1. Apostrophe light brown slouchy boots

2. Bamboo black platform pumps
3. Xhilaration grey slouchy ankle boots

4. Cathy Jean black heels

5. Nine West pointed heels
6. Xhilaration brown floral print ballet flats
7. Wet Seal brown slouchy ankle heeled boots
8. Mossimo nude heel
9. Xhilaration black combat boots

10. Fioni oxford heels
11. Wet Seal white wedges
12. Old Navy tights

FTC: Nine West pointed shoes & Wet Seal white wedges were given to me by friends. I paid for everything else mentioned in this video.

Clothing Haul #2

Cathy Jean:

Black Heels "AS 97 2017-69"

Forever 21:

Khaki Harlem Pants

Black high waisted shorts


Black Pumps - Bamboo "Colada 01"

FTC: I paid for everything.

Dark: Shoulder Cleavage + FOTD.

Nail Polish:
MAC cream nail polish in "Vintage Vamp"

Blue and silver cross - Michaels, Silver chain - Forever21
Silver bow ring - Forever21
Black and silver knuckle ring - Forever21
Black and silver zebra heart studs - ForLove

“Silence + Noise” black faux hood leather jacket - Urban Outfitters
Grey shirt - Sears
Black mini skirt - H&M
Black tights – Old Navy

Combat Boots - Target

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in "Honey"

NYC Matte Bronzer in "Sunny"

Milani Powder Mosaic in "Honey Kissed"

ELF Lipstick in "Gypsy"

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in "Natural"

Bobbi brown palette "Shadow Basics, Les Ombres Essentielles"

Color workshop palette (color used is "Moon") - Walgreens

FTC: Bobbi Brown palette was given as a gift from my cousin. I paid for everything else mentioned in this video.

Bobble Review.

I've been having my eye on the bobble for a couple of months before I actually purchased it because I wasn't sure if it was a good investment. There are a few pros and cons with it of course. Not everyone will love every single item on the market.

From where I live in the Bay Area, the tap water here is ...  clean! What? Tap water? Yes, it is super clean and I for one will say that I wouldn't want to drink from tap. But, don't they use tap when you eat at a restaurant? Someone please let me know!

Anyway, there has been debate over it not filtering fluoride on my youtube. Well, don't dentist give you fluoride when you're a kid after having cleaning? I'm assuming it can't be that bad right?

So of course, this product definitely depends on where you live and what type of water you want to consume. This works for me and that's it.

*P.S. For those who think my room is completely messy, well at least you don't have to be in it ;)
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