Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to: Save Money on HAND SOAP! (No coupons required)

We use it multiple times a day and it's always a necessity to have near a sink.  Other than couponing there are other ways to save money on hand soap. My simple tips can help you save money on hand soap in general. What's the secret? Simple, it's the foam nozzle! With the use of the foam nozzle on the hand soap it actually uses less product saving your hand soap. And here's the solution, you don't have to keep buying that expensive foaming hand soap, just the regular.


  • Invest in a foaming nozzle container. You can buy one from Bath and Body Works, Target, Walmart, etc. I got mine from a scrap yard for only about 20 cents. You should be able to reuse this bottle. If it has a label, you can remove it with nail polish remover.
  • Refill with soap once finished. Once you finished your foaming soap if you purchased one with it just buy regular hand soap. I usually go to Target or Walmart to buy the bulk hand soap in the large container for about $5 which is the same price as a regular foam hand soap from those places. Crazy right? (Of course you can also buy a bulk foaming hand soap refill if you'd like).
    • Buying in bulk helps you save. For example at Target the regular soap is only 7.5 oz while the bulk refill is for 64 oz which is about 8 times larger. Instead of buying 8 bottles which run you for about $12, you can buy that one refill bottle from anywhere to $5-7 depending on the store (and if you have a coupon).
  • Will regular hand soap work with the foaming nozzle? The answer is, it will with a simple technique. Foaming soap is usually far less viscous than regular hand soap so it won't be able to be pulled up with the foaming nozzle. When adding regular hand soap in the foaming container, add water! Don't add too much, but just enough to get a thinner consistency enough for the soap to turn into foam through the nozzle.
And there you go, with this method you'll see yourself using less of the bulk soap leaving more money in your pocket throughout the year instead of buying a new soap every couple of weeks. And as for scents go, don't be too picky. Soap is soap and it's main purpose is to clean your hands.

Hope you enjoy and keep saving!

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  1. Great tip~! I'll definitely try it out.



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