Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Influenster Taste Testing: Kefir.

I just got my Kefir today at my local Safeway. I was really curious when I saw this in stores a few weeks ago and was excited to hear that I was chosen for the program to try this product.

I got my self the blueberry flavor because the other ones were out of stock!

"99% lactose free, naturally gluten free, good source of calcium, live & active probiotic cultures."
First Impressions: Honestly, I forgot to use my coupon when purchasing this and was worried that I might not like it. I was wrong of course. Once I got home, popped open the bottle after shaking it and pouring it into a glass for the picture above I took a sip. It smelled just like regular yogurt. The taste and texture reminded me a lot of my childhood when I used to have Yoplait's Go-gurt all the time. It had a nice, creamy texture to it and I absolutely love it. I will be using my coupon to get another one. Hopefully they'll restock on the strawberry flavor so that I can try it. *I will admit I cheated a little bit and put whipped cream on top for a nice smoothie effect. =)

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