Monday, June 17, 2013

Bath and Body Works.

One of my favorite places to stock up on lotions, body sprays, and shower gels. And I mean seriously stock up! After being tight with money one thing I learned was that I still had an opportunity to buy my favorite stuff. There was no way that I would buy regular priced items after not having a job. So my plan was during Semi-Annual sales to buy lots! I got these items on Thursday and was SUPER happy that "Country Apple" was in the bins. It's my all time favorite scent!

It's true that they may not have your favorite scent in the sale but I tend to not be so picky. Instead I take my time and test out what they have on sale to see if I'd wear it or not.

I basically stock up on these items until the next sale to buy more. Honestly, these things last me a long time since I don't use it everyday.

If you don't have a chance to get them in store, the sale is going on online and even BETTER. Yes,  signature scents and more are on sale online!

I was able to get myself:
2 Country Apple Lotions
1 Country Apple Shower Gel
1 Bali Mango Lotion
1 Daisy Dreamgirl Lotion Cream

Here's the Breakdown:
3 Lotions        - $33.00 (3 x $11.00)
Shower Gel    - $11.00
Lotion Cream - $12.50
Total Cost:        $56.50

Sale Prices:
2 Lotions        - $6.00 (2 x $3.00)
1 Bali Lotion  - $3.85 (65% Off)
Shower Gel    - $3.00
Lotion Cream - $4.37 (65% Off)
Total Cost:        $17.22 (tax not included)
MONEY SAVED: $39.28!!!!

So here's my tip on Bath and Body Works, buy during semi annual sales. And if they don't carry your scent in stores, you can always shop online! Also, if you sign up for their mailing list they send out coupons for certain percentages off and free travel size of your choice.

Happy shopping!

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