Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Segment: Cheap Finds.

Hello readers! If any... lol

I decided to start a new segment on how my spending habits. Not the crazy shopaholic that I used to be, but how I manage my purchases and still splurge.

For a brief background, I'm a struggling college student. Not so dramatic right? I'm sure any college student will tell you that. I have the typical parents who want me to be in the medical field because it makes lots of $$$. I went to become a medical assistant after high school and worked my butt off in the medical field. I found out it wasn't the right career path for me. I made my parents happy but I wanted to be happy. I left my job after almost 4 years and began my life in community college. Now before the big move, I knew I had to save money. I couldn't have an opportunity to work part-time at my job so I decided to leave and go to school full-time. Yes, I still live with my parents and they do pay for my housing and some food. But this is how I managed to buy things for myself and pay for my phone bill.

I totally changed the way that I shop. I used to be a shopaholic! I swear, having my first job and a taste of that money made me shop crazy. I would blow paychecks like it was nothing! Looking at it now, I am disappointed in myself but I don't blame myself. Once I learned that I had to be tight with my money I found different ways where I can still splurge and get trendy things by shopping smart.

In this new series I'll share with you readers the tips and tricks that I have when it comes to shopping and the "I can splurge" once in a while. The new segment will be called "Cheap Finds". I have been finding things cheap like crazy! And I feel that sometimes it's always when you least expect it. I like to think of it as fate, lol.

I already have one post that I made on a bikini which you will be able to find along with other future post on this segment in the link bar.

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