Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Hidden Gem for Beauty.

Honestly I never thought that Grocery Outlet, yes that's right,  has so much good stuff. Now don't get me wrong, it is discounted prices and who doesn't love sales?

Don't underestimate this place! I love it for groceries but I love looking through the beauty section. Now remember that everything at Grocery Outlet circulates so most likely the next time you come back an item may not be there anymore. So what does that mean? Stock up!

Every Grocery Outlet has different items so no two are alike. The excitement of what items they have are just like thrifting to me. You'll never know what you'll end up finding. Here are somethings that I picked up recently:

Epielle Facial Essence Masks
First Impressions: Great bargain for different masks that fir your needs. I didn't catch the original pricing of the masks but I got them for a steal. I also got an additional "Green Tea & Aloe" mask.

Retail Price: $1.49 (after checking online)
Sale Price: $0.69

The Body Shop: Body Butter Duo in "Vanilla"
First Impressions: I always heard how popular body butter was but I never wanted to spend a lot of money on it. Grocery outlet actually had several scents like lavender but I wasn't able to test them out due to the fact that they were sealed. My first instinct was to go with Vanilla since I knew it was a scent that I couldn't go wrong with.

Retail Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $3.99

Select Lash
Finally they brought back the false lashes! I love these lashes because the bands are very comfortable and it doesn't have plastic strands.

Retail Price: $3.29
Sale Price: $0.99

Here's the breakdown:
5 Masks original price  -  $7.45
Body butter orig. price - $19.99
5 lashes original price  - $ 16.45
TOTAL COST:             $43.89

Sale Prices:
5 face masks - $3.45
body butter   - $3.99
5 lashes        - $4.95
Total              $12.39
MONEY SAVED: $31.50!!!!

Yes, that's right I spent less than buying the body butter for retail. Grocery Outlet has so much more great stuff and I'm definitely going to be returning every weekend to find more hidden treasures. Although I don't expect to find the same things it's a nice surprise to see somethings restocked, the lashes for example. It's one great way to shop on a budget and still make yourself feel beautiful for just less the cost.

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